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HEGAZ is a company engaged in the sale and delivery of liquid helium, which is most commonly used in MRI machines.

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HEGAZ is your reliable and highly professional liquid helium supplier

  • The product is sold in any volume for all customer needs (dewar 250/500l).

  • Delivery is performed by the company’s transport.

  • The price per liter is one of the lowest in the market.

HEGAZ offers liquid helium of high quality

Helium is highly valued in the market because it is a unique element:

there are no other substances with similar properties in nature. It exists in two aggregate states: gaseous and liquid.

At first gaseous helium is extracted from natural gas through fractional distillation and subsequent purification, and then modified to produce liquid helium using a special process in high precision industrial plants.


Selling of high-purity (99.999%) liquid helium is one of the company’s main activities

Advantages list

  • Fast

    We will provide liquid helium to any businesses and clinics, regardless of territorial location. We guarantee quick delivery of helium.

  • Attention
    to customers

    We value our reputation and strive to offer our customers the most comfortable collaboration. Our managers will be in touch at any time.

  • The possibility of supplying the necessary volume of helium

    MRI clinics need to have a reliable partner who can provide liquid helium. We can fulfill any of your orders.

  • Low

    It consists of the cost of helium and the cost of cooling down of dewars for storage and transportation of liquid helium. In general, we sell liquid helium at a price advantageous to the customer.

Our products:

Why liquid helium is worth buying from HEGAZ?

Liquid helium is supplied in containers designed for cryogenic applications – Dewars. The volume of special containers is 250/500 liters.

Due to its low boiling point (-268.9̊ C) and its property of creating a magnetic field without additional heating, helium is widely used in medical diagnostics by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

A lot of modern superconducting MRI scanners with magnetic field strengths of 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla use liquid helium. It is transported and stored in special containers – Dewars made of stainless steel or aluminum.

HEGAZ offers liquid helium for MRI.

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Why do you need helium for an MRI scanner?

MRI machines use helium in the cooling system of scanners.

To ensure that the equipment functions correctly, the amount of liquid helium in the MRI cryostat needs to be monitored regularly to ensure that it does not go below 30%.

It is common to refill the cooling system with helium once per every four years. Individual tomograph models designed with a zero helium evaporation system require refilling even less frequently, once per every ten years.

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